The Enterprise Innovation Toolkit Program

Practical innovation training for enterprises that want to enable their teams to do their best work

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About the Program

The Enterprise Innovation Toolkit Program is practical innovation training for enterprises that want to unlock product, design thinking, and innovation-led growth and enable their teams to do their best work more innovatively, collaboratively, inclusively, and enjoyably.

Why this program

  • Flexible cohort sizes, from 10 and up
  • Flexible, tailored program durations
  • Co-created with multinational enterprises
  • Impact backed by data and evidence

What’s inside

  • 4 on-demand masterclass courses
  • Integrated live-coaching events
  • 100+ step-by-step tools, templates, and methods
  • 165+ video lessons, written summaries, and transcripts

Who Do We Train?

This program is for enterprise teams that want to benefit from applied design thinking, user-centered design approaches, and innovation practices. And it can be tailored to digital, design, customer experience, product, and operational teams.

Design Teams
Engineering Teams
Cross-Functional Project Teams
Product Teams
L&D Teams
Newly Formed Teams
Technology Teams
Operational Teams
Rapidly Growing Teams

Program Outcomes

Supercharge the competitiveness and productivity of your entire organization by training learners and teams at scale:

Individuals consistently use the right mindset and methods to do their best and most valuable work.

  • Understanding of foundational principles and how to apply them
  • Design thinking and innovation practices used in day-to-day work
  • Ownership over new ways of working and the confidence to act
  • A powerful sense of progression and achievement in daily work
  • An overall mindset shift alongside better working relationships

Managers upskill staff in collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation and provide an always-on Toolkit.

  • Ability to retain and progress high-potential staff
  • More autonomous, motivated, and independent team members
  • Valuable, proven IP that plugs directly into daily workflows
  • Skilled collaborators and facilitators who run more productive meetings and workshops
  • Replicable learning to boost team capability and embed new ways of working

Teams apply contemporary, shared practices and processes to collaborate, ideate, innovate, and decide faster.

  • Faster, better decisions that everyone can own and commit to
  • Elevated collaboration methods to innovate, solve problems, and produce solutions
  • Collective behavioral change and increased motivation
  • Better use of cognitive diversity, expertise, knowledge, and creativity among team members

L&D can map learning impact beyond traditional ROI metrics and onto transformative value benchmarks.

  • A leapfrog effect in skills and capabilities across the organization
  • Demonstrable links between an innovation-fueled organizational growth strategy and workforce skills readiness
  • Tangible proof of learning linked to competencies such as collaboration, innovation, and design thinking capabilities

Strategic leads / Champions hardwire user-centered design thinking, diversity, and inclusivity into scalable workflows.

  • More impactful and valuable work from teams that create solutions and processes with the user in mind
  • De-risked operational and innovation efforts when teams employ rigorous, proven methods and practices
  • A host of empowered collaborators and facilitators for a more results-driven workforce

Leaders transform siloes into cross-functional teams that solve problems, innovate, and produce solutions faster.

  • Overcoming the negative impacts of siloes, competing agendas, rapid growth, reorganization, and cultural difference
  • Increased operational and human capital gains due to value added to workflows and projects
  • Less operational waste and technical debt
  • Fewer unwanted outcomes and less variation in output

Organizations move beyond an agile workforce and distribute innovation, design, and product thinking to everyone.

  • Creation of transformative value through a design thinking and innovation-led workforce
  • Consistent production of growth-driving solutions due to the use of proven effective practices, processes, and systems
  • Innovation at the heart of transformation DNA, with teams activating a broad, innovation-based culture

100% were applying or very likely to apply the program's learnings by the end.

Multinational conglomerate, 2023

88% said they had learned to collaborate better with others in the program.

Global airline, 2023

81% said they learned to do more valuable, enjoyable work, faster.

National medical/health organization, 2023

100% would recommend the program’s trainers and coaches to others.

Digital technology multinational, 2023

100% would recommend the Enterprise Innovation Toolkit Repository to others.

Telecommunications multinational, 2023

100% would recommend the program's hands-on coaching events to others.

Telecommunications multinational, 2023

Program Impact

The Enterprise Innovation Toolkit Program has a quantifiable, lasting impact on people, teams, and organizations serious about innovation.

How the Program Is Different

The eight elements in the Enterprise Innovation Toolkit Program are drawn from our Activated Learning Methodology™ to deliver rapid results.

Online Learning

Four in-depth masterclass courses and an introductory course that bring design thinking and innovation to life

Live Coaching Events

Hands-on, practice-oriented coaching from senior Eito consultants

Always-On Toolkit

100+ exercises, workshops, templates, guides, and additional resources

Recognition and Community Building

An internal community of practitioners recognized with certification

Bespoke Delivery

2-week intensive bootcamps or weekly learning of 2 to 4 hours

Cohort Experience

A structured, personalized cohort format (individual options available)

Activation Resources

Summaries, application examples, self-guided exercises, and more

Learner-Centered Experience

A tailored focus for each learner in each cohort

Program Levels

Level 1: Learning Mindset


Do Your Best Work, Faster!

Commit to developing core skills that can be applied immediately in day-to-day work to boost productivity and enjoyment.

1 Module

Level 2: Foundational


Accelerating Innovation

Discover the foundational principles of design thinking and innovation and apply them practically to solve problems, optimize, and innovate better.

6 Modules

Innovation Facilitator

Master how to guide and participate in discussions, decisions, and other forms of collaboration with more creativity, inclusion, and efficiency.

6 Modules

Level 3: Specialist


Design Sprint

Become an expert Design Sprint facilitator by mastering the process from end to end to make every Design Sprint a success.

14 Modules

Workshop Design

Gain the ability to design effective workshops that elevate collaboration and target specific challenges consistently and successfully.

5 Modules

Example Learning Journeys

The program offers flexible learning journeys, tailored to fit your organization's needs.

A bootcamp delivery format allows teams to collectively focus on learning in an interventionist or rapid momentum-building way.
This indicative learning journey allows learners to commit just 4 hours per week to the Program.
This indicative learning journey allows learners to commit just 2 hours per week to the Program.
This indicative learning journey allows learners to build specialist skills over 4 weeks.

What Learners Say About the Program

“Hands-down the best professional training I've ever received. I wish I'd learned these topics earlier in my career."
“It's my new go-to resource to prepare for any meeting or workshop. The templates save time and improve the quality of my work."
“I really like how easy it is to start putting the learnings immediately into practice in your day-to-day job."
“The program is useful for anyone who works. Period. Being able to learn how to collaborate, deside, and do faster is the key to success."
"It has truly helped my team find their rhythm, and I can't wait for more folks at [my organization] to experience the lessons as well."
"The videos were universally engaging and accessible, and the live events were well-organized and have ample time for practice."

Learn With the Best

Our clients are some of today's most forward-thinking organizations. They trust us to help solve their most complex, business-critical product and innovation challenges.

Then, we teach them how to do what we do—internally, independently, and on demand—by sharing our proven practices, tactics, and tools for collaboration and innovation.

What’s Next?

If you want to know more or would like to work with us, we’d love to chat with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Benefits

How is this program different from others?

This program is different for three reasons. First, the Enterprise Innovation Toolkit blends online learning and hands-on coaching with an ever-expanding collection of practical tools. Second, it's delivered by one of the world's leading product, design, and innovation firms. Third, the program is designed to train entire teams to boost collective capability within an organization.

How long do learners have access to the program?

Learners have lifetime access to all content, including future updates or expansions.

How are progress and participation monitored?

Internal (organizational/team) champions can view learner progress and participation in a real-time dashboard. They also receive a success report at the end of each cohort’s program.

What kind of support is provided?

Internal (organizational/team) champions receive extensive materials and 1-on-1 support from an Eito program lead to ensure they have everything needed to ensure success. Learners can access Eito’s senior consultants during the program in hands-on coaching events. Afterward, champions and learners are invited to an exclusive LinkedIn community where the Eito team supports continued learning and practice through live events and more.

Can the learning platform be customized?

Yes. Organizations and teams can add their own branding (colors and logo) and content (such as documents or custom workshops) to the platform.

Learning Experience

How much time is required to complete the program?

Both the cadence and duration of training are entirely flexible and based on your organization’s and learners’ needs. Two popular options are intensive bootcamps and a micro-learning (1–2 hours per week) mode.

How do the live coaching events work?

Hands-on coaching is a core component of the program. In these events, each learner applies what they’ve learned in real-time practice sessions while benefiting from peer feedback and (optionally) guidance from Eito’s senior consultants. Depending on your organization’s preference, events are hosted by Eito or your internal team.

Who are the instructors and coaches?

The on-demand learning experience and live events are designed and delivered by Eito’s senior consultants: the same team that partners on innovation, product, and design projects with some of the world’s most recognized brands. Each of our senior consultants has at least ten years of experience in the subjects covered in the program.

Do time zones matter?

Not at all. Everything in the Enterprise Innovation Toolkit, including live events, is available worldwide and can accommodate learners in all time zones.

What tools are needed to participate?

For independent learning, only a web browser is required. Access to Zoom, Teams, or Webex alongside Miro or Mural are needed for the live events.

Program Audience

How many people from my organization should participate at the same time?

You’re welcome to include as many people in your organization as needed. We recommend a cohort size of 15 to 50 people; multiple cohorts can participate simultaneously. If you’d like to organize something for fewer or more people, get in touch.

Should we train a whole team or function, or cross-functionally?

We recommend that cross-functional teams and other frequent collaborators participate in the program at the same time. This allows learners to reinforce learning through shared, real-world application. Training functional teams is, however, still highly effective.


Is a subscription required?

No. Instead, each learner is provided lifetime access to the program for a one-time license fee.

Can I sign up as an individual?

Not at this time. The Enterprise Innovation Toolkit currently focuses on organizations that wish to train groups.

Can my organization purchase individual masterclasses?

Not at this time, as each masterclass in the program is intended to complement and build on the others.

How do we get started or learn more?

Contact our team, and we’ll gladly guide you through your options.

About Us

Eito is the global product, design, and innovation team from AJ&Smart. Since 2011, we’ve worked for some of the most successful organizations in some of the most challenging markets in the world. They trust us to solve their most complex problems and train them to do what we do, too. We’re globally recognized and award-winning.

We want to champion new ways of working and create ownership among learners. When working together, we make implementation easy by providing a frictionless end-to-end experience for champions and learners. And we’re professionally playful: Everything we do is world-class, high-energy, and fun, with a bias for action.

Though based in Berlin, Germany, we work worldwide, with 95% of our clients headquartered in the United States. For us, remote collaboration is not a stop-gap: It’s our primary approach. Our processes ensure that you get the same value and outcomes whether you work with us in person or remotely.
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